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In the fall of 1998, North Carolina's state government was challenged to set an example of environmental stewardship in the way agencies operate and conduct business. Across state government, this challenge was heard and taken to heart. It was quickly discovered that many agencies were already engaged in numerous activities to reduce the negative effects our actions can have on the environment.

Now, NCPG is expanding. With growing interest in energy and water savings, more and more government facilities are adopting sustainability policies and green building requirements, leading to a greater self-awareness of the impact government has on our economy and natural resources. Together, we can take NCPG to the next level of development.

Why Government?

North Carolina government is an important contributor to our state’s environmental quality in three main areas:

  • As the whole, government is the single largest organization and employer, consuming energy and natural resources and creating waste and other environmental impacts.
  • Government is a highly-visible role model for the state’s citizens, businesses, industries and local governments.
  • Government creates laws and policies that shape the economic growth of the state and its impacts on the environment.

NCPG will serve as a tool to communicate and provide resources among peers working in government facilities across North Carolina.

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