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UNC-Chapel Hill Energy Efficiency Purchasing Policy
Mandates the consideration of EPA Energy Star certified products when purchasing electricity-consuming equipment.

Program Assistance
NC GreenPower
NC GreenPower is an independent, nonprofit organization established to improve North Carolina’s environment through voluntary contributions toward renewable energy. The program offers individuals and businesses to “offset” their electricity produced from fossil fuels by investing $4 in 100 kWh blocks, added to their utility bill.

Utility Savings Initiative
USI is a comprehensive, multi-programmed approach to reduce utility expenditures and resource use in public buildings. The sectors served are state agencies, UNC system institutions and affiliates, community colleges, K-12 public schools and local municipal and county governments.

Waste Reduction Partners
WRP is uniquely staffed with retired engineers, scientists, and staff who provide technical assistance at no cost to businesses and communities across North Carolina.

N.C. Guide to Energy Saving Performance Contracting
The toolkit for N.C. local governments, K-12 schools and community colleges contains overview fact sheets for decision-makers, a step-by-step implementation guide, lessons learned and model documents such as RFP's and contract agreements.

Database of North Carolina Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
Includes outlines of financial incentives including corporate tax credit information, green building incentive explanations and personal tax credit qualifications.

Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool
Helps purchasers in the public and private sectors evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, notebooks and monitors based on their environmental attributes.

LED Exit Signs Fact Sheet details how to save money by replacing incandescent exit signs with energy efficient signs.

Waste Reduction Partners - Energy Management Planning
Asheville’s regional energy management plan.

State Renewable Energy Standards are Affordable – Union of Concerned Scientists
U.S. Department of Energy study that demonstrates the affordability of state renewable electricity standards.

CU-Boulder Guide to Saving Energy in Your Office
Simple steps to take to reduce the overall university environmental footprint.

Action Steps to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Today
Tips from the State Electronics Challenge

Energy Conservation Manual for Government Office Building Tenants
Organizations at various stages of energy conservation program implementation can use this document as a reference for energy auditing, installation modification or staff education activities. It provides a shopping list of energy conservation related measures.

Energy Conservational Manual for Government Departments

NC Solar Center LED Retrofit Economic Calculator
Presentation is broken into five modules. Will need sound capability to watch.


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