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Listen to the webinar recording from the NC Soy Biobased Products Webinar on September 30, 2011.

Materials from the Fluorescent Lamp Recycling and Energy Saving Techniques Webinar on June 1, 2011

  1. Session Law 2010-180: Requirements and Opportunities Regarding Fluorescent Lamps and Mercury Thermostats, Scott Mouw and Joe Fitzpatrick - DEAO
  2. Lighting Energy Efficiency, Terry Albrecht - WRP
  3. Webinar Recording

Materials from the Electronics Management: Purchase, Use, and Recycle Efficiently Webinar on May 4, 2011

  1. Welcome and Overview, Claudia Powell - DEAO
  2. Electronics Recycling in NC, Matt Todd - DEAO
  3. Greening the Computer Lifecycle: the State Electronics Challenge, Lynn Rubinstein - State Electronics Challenge
  4. Webinar Recording

Materials from the Energy Saving Project Assistance and Resources for Local Governments Webinar on April 7, 2011

  1. Welcome and Overview, Claudia Powell - DEAO
  2. Overview of WRP, Terry Albrecht - Waste Reduction Partners
  3. Madison County Manager Overview of Energy Projects, Steve Garrison - Madison County
  4. Examples of WRP Assistance at Madison County, George Tregay - Waste Reduction Partners
  5. Webinar Recording

Materials from the Food Diversion Webinar on December 14, 2010

  1. Welcome and Overview, Claudia Powell - DEAO
  2. Current Status of Food Diversion in NC, Brian Rosa - DEAO
  3. Diverting Pre-consumer Food Waste to Composting , Lynn Lucas - McGill Environmental Services
  4. National Organic Landfill Diversion Rollout for Major Retail Chains , Matt Hedrick - Quest Recycling
  5. Zero Waste Zones: Mobilizing an Industry , Holly Elmore - Elemental Impact
  6. Recycling Business and Community Recycling Grants , Matt Tood - DEAO
  7. Webinar Recording

Materials from Greening Government Agencies Webinar on December 7, 2010

  1. Welcome and Overview, Claudia Powell - DEAO
  2. Overview of an EMS, Stacy Givens - DEAO
  3. Overview of the Environmental Stewardship Initiative , Angela Barger - DEAO
  4. NC Zoo EMS Case Study , Mary Joan Pugh - NC Zoo
  5. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools EMS Case Study , Brian Kasher - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
  6. Webinar Recording

Materials from Update on Environmental Legislation that Pertains to Government Agencies Webinar

  1. Presentation - PDF, Jennifer Mundt - General Assembly Research Division
  2. Webinar Recording

Materials from Green Building Webinar Series

  1. Introduction and Overview to Green Building, Dona Stankus
  2. Green building policy and practices in North Carolina
  3. New Constructions Case Study - The Green Square Project
  4. Renovating and Retrofitting Existing Buildings
  5. Green Schools (K-12)
  6. Green Technologies Showcase
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