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N.C. Project Green Clean Fleets Mtg.

NC Project Green held its first topic-based meeting on greening your internal motor fleet operations in October 2008. To view the PDF presentations click here. To watch the recorded webinar click here.

How we travel the state has major impacts on almost all aspects of our natural environment. In a time and place dominated by the personal car, it means consuming land to build roads and parking lots, consuming fuels that pollute the air and water and consuming tons of materials for car parts that must eventually be disposed of.

Just as we are finding that there are better ways to run a vehicle, with the onset of gasoline-electric hybrid engines and alternative fuels technology, we are finding that there should be multiple ways to reach a destination. Across the state, programs aimed at offering more transit options are benefiting citizens and our environment. Choices range from biking and walking, to bus and rail transit. And with rapidly rising fuel costs, more people are inclined to consider alternatives to the personal car.

See what state agencies are doing to improve their vehicle fleets and to design, build and encourage more transportation options, all to make our state more beautiful while getting people where they need to go.

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