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N.C. General Statute 130A-309.10(f)
Beginning with Senate Bill 111 in 1989 and in subsequent legislation, the North Carolina General Assembly has established disposal bans on a wide range of materials. New disposal bans will come into effect Oct. 1, 2009 on used oil filters, plastic bottles and wooden pallets.

Local Government Solid Waste Responsibilities § 130A-309.09A
Each unit of local government shall assess solid waste collection services, develop a 10-year comprehensive solid waste management plan and report waste reduction activities by September 1 each year.

Executive Order No. 156
State Government Environmental Sustainability, Reduction of Solid Waste, and Procurement of of Environmentally Preferable Products, provides guidance for all state agencies regarding recycling and environmentally preferable purchasing.

N.C. General Statutes §143-58
Further guidance for state agency recycling and green purchasing programs.

N.G. General Statute §130A-309.14
Duties of State Agencies - establish recycling programs

Solid Waste Management Act of 2007
Clarifies solid waste permitting, penalties, operations, etc. Also establishes a computer equipment recycling program and directs DENR to develop a proposed fluorescent lamp recycling program.

Amendment to the Solid Waste Management Act of 2007
Clarifies setback requirements for disposal units of sanitary landfills, revises the proceeds of the solid waste disposal tax and provides a reimbursement of certain costs associated with applications for permits.

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