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Session Law 2009-243: Amends G.S. 143138(b)
Allows use of cisterns for irrigation and toilet flushing.

Executive Order No. 26
Water System Protection - called for all state agencies to discontinue non-essential water use and requested agencies to develop long-term water conservation plans.

G.S. 143-355
Along with other water conservation efforts, establishes a goal to reduce water consumption by state agencies by at least ten percent.

Session Law 2007 -546: Amends parts of G.S. 143-64
Promotes water and energy conservation, and green building in state, university and community college buildings.

Drought Legislation Implementation Information Guide
N.C. League of Municipalities publication identifies resources to help you meet requirements of the 2008 drought preparedness and management law, S.L. 2008-143.

N.C. Water Supply Plan
A compilation of more than 500 local water supply plans developed by local government water systems, who were mandated to assess their water supply needs over a twenty-year period.

Division of Water Quality Rules
Administrative codes and statutes regarding water quality.

N.C. Division on Water Resources Rules, Policies and Regulations
Protecting streams from growth, evaluating water project impacts on the state's waters, keeping records of North Carolina's water users, providing technical assistance to water systems and planning for development of their water supplies.

N.C. Executive Order 156
State government environmental sustainability, reduction of solid waste and procurement of environmentally preferable products.

Water Resources Development Plan FY 2007-2012 (103 pp.)
Outlines 2007-2012 plans and addresses federal and state budget information.

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